What does FIT do?
FIT empowers humans to create cutting-edge disaster solutions. FIT is a non-profit organization that responds to crises while simultaneously working on disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction at local, state, national, and international levels. FIT uses a 3 part design process to understand the needs of the survivor or stakeholder, brainstorm a myriad of solution options, and then helps build the solution that best meets the needs of the survivors or stakeholders for a given event.

Who is FIT?
Headquartered in Heber City, UT, USA- FIT works with staff and volunteers who live all over the world. FIT is staffed by 5 personnel, who run the administration, fundraising, community resilience events, and crisis response. FIT also has numerous partnerships with agencies and organizations who donate their resources to support crisis response. Volunteers come from diverse backgrounds. Not everyone has experience aiding disasters, but FIT believes that there is a need and a space for the people making progressive changes in technology, design, and art and who want to help. We believe that a diversity of approaches and people produces the best solutions.

How can I get involved with FIT?
Volunteers can become Field Innovators or Field Contributors. Field Innovators are trained in the FIT crisis solution process and deploy with the team when possible. Field Contributors serve as innovation ambassadors throughout their community and reach out to FIT staff and Field Innovators when crises occur. Learn more by contacting us through our ‘Contact Us’ form located on the homepage of fieldinnovationteam.org.

How is FIT funded?
FIT is a 501(c)3 and uses donations, fundraising, including crowd funding, sponsorships, grants, and foundation support.

How can I deploy to a disaster with FIT?
Your ability to deploy with FIT largely depends on your availability and your fit with the programmatic focus of the deployment. After you have been added to FIT’s volunteer deployment roster, you will receive notification of upcoming deployments. If you join us, FIT pays for your transportation and lodging for the duration of your activation.

What if can’t travel to a disaster with FIT – can I still help?
Absolutely. Not everyone can deploy into the affected community and not all the response work happens on the ground. FIT frequently conducts virtual deployments concurrently while we are “boots on the ground.” Virtually deployed volunteers can help on the projects being developed for survivors and stakeholders in many ways. Learn more by contacting us through our ‘Contact Us’ form located on the homepage of http://fieldinnovationteam.org.

How can I help FIT run a community resilience event?
FIT is frequently asked to host our Do Tanks and other community preparedness and disaster risk reduction events all over the United States and, increasingly, internationally. If you are interested in helping with a specific event or in a specific community, please connect with us! If you represent a community, organization, or company which you think could benefit from FIT’s involvement, you can get in touch with us yourself or ask your community leaders if they would be interested in having FIT come to your town.

How can I get training to be a FIT Field Innovator?
Attending our bi-annual FIT Bootcamps (held every March and November) will provide you with an intensive 3-day workshop experience that teaches volunteers how to use the FIT design process to solve challenges, provides information on how FIT operates in the field, and training in other exciting skills. And, we always incorporate fun and plenty of outdoor activities. Join our mailing list to receive your invitation.

Can I tell my community leaders about FIT?
Yes please! FIT’s non-crisis mission is to teach communities and individuals how to be resilient against disasters. The more communities we reach, the more people can empower themselves to use innovative techniques for resilience.

I know about a great initiative / person / organization who seems like a good fit for FIT (pun intended). How can I tell FIT about it / him / her / them?
Relationships are FIT’s backbone and we love meeting new people and organizations who are doing amazing work in humanitarian and disaster response and recovery. Please reach out to us through our ‘Contact Us’ form located on the homepage of fieldinnovationteam.org